August 10, 2016

Something to Think About
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It took awhile but Kansans proved last week we aren’t so dumb. But, on the same set of facts we can’t say the same thing for our governor.

          In primary elections all across Kansas Republicans sent conservative lawmakers who were the support system for Sam Brownback packing. The results were even better than moderate Republicans had hoped.

This is good news for our state which has been burdened by leadership that has been absolutely tone deaf despite massive indications that the people were not supportive of their tax policies, revenue shortfalls and continual budget cuts. Brownback’s approval rating was recently listed at a lousy 26%!

          But, Governor Sam evidently, still doesn’t feel the burn. In an interview on public television in Kansas City, Monday he blamed the media and poor communication for the losses taken by his supporters and refused to call the election results a repudiation of his leadership.

          The truth is all across the state conservative incumbents were tossed aside like rag dolls and my understanding is there are democrats running in all 40 Senate races state-wide and a number of them have excellent chances.

          It looks to me like the contests in November for seats in the Kansas House and Senate may well be based more on: Do you support Brownback’s policies rather than are you a Republican or Democrat?

          The term “repudiate” was used earlier - it means to “refuse to accept as valid.”  For me that is the question to ask all state candidates – do you repudiate the leadership and policies of Governor Brownback?

          If they can’t pass that test us “smart Kansans” will toss them out!

          By the way – “repudiate” sits right next to Republican Party in my dictionary.

          Truly “something to think about” today!

          I’m Steve Sauder

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