CEO finalist interviews slated for Newman Regional Health

Newman Regional Health has announced it will be conducting CEO finalist interviews next week.

Two candidates will be interviewed by Board of Trustees members at 11 am both Tuesday and Thursday, with dinner amongst board members and candidates Monday and Wednesday evenings.

All meetings will be held in executive session, although no other board business will be conducted.

The board plans an executive session at 8 am Dec. 6, officially to discuss non-elected personnel issues. An announcement from the hospital board may follow.

In other news, the board is awaiting word from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on the hospital's application to be listed as a Critical Access facility. Recent visits were promising, according to Chief Financial Officer Holly French.

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Critical Access designation would mean a significant revenue stream for the hospital. It would also mean one major change in that the hospital could only have 25 available beds for acute care, but inpatient rehab, nursery and observation patients would not be included in that total. Newman Regional Health would also maintain its 24-7 emergency room, and administrators say the hospital would have more flexibility with federal regulations than it currently has.

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