Concealed carry exemption policy discussed

Emporia city commissioners have a number of things to consider as they decide whether to issue four-year concealed carry exemptions for city buildings, whether they decide on just one or all of them.

City Attorney Blaise Plummer is advising that commissioners issue an exemption at least for White Auditorium because it's relatively secure and because the MIAA and Kansas State High School Activities Association have already said they won't have events at White unless there is an exemption. Plummer tells KVOE News the current thought is to have a more widespread exemption, perhaps affecting all city buildings.

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In June, the city obtained a six-month exemption for a building study and to see whether it should pursue a four-year exemption effective in January. The exemption would give the city time to fully study the costs of possibly adding full-time security or perhaps equipment to meet the mandate. It would also give time to adjust if lawmakers amend the current policy.

In a separate meeting Wednesday, commissioners passed both an ordinance and a resolution authorizing a little more than $2 million in general obligation bonds. This will help several city projects, including water and sewer projects for industrial parks, the purchase of a new street sweeper and renovations to the Soden's Grove baseball field.

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