Onek featured on popular History Channel show

One of the more popular cable TV shows Wednesday night will have a distinct local flair.

"American Pickers" airs at 8 pm on the History Channel. The show went to one of Cammy Onek's properties in Lebo this past summer.

Onek joined the KVOE Morning Show on Wednesday to talk about the experience, saying it was "a great journey." It all started when Onek's husband, Chad, emailed the History Channel about items actually collected by her parents, Don and Mary Oliver.

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Onek had locked the property down after her parents died. Once the show crew descended upon Lebo, they found the collectibles were "exactly what they wanted." 

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Onek's main concern was respecting her dad's collections, but she says she didn't have to worry.

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The crew filmed for over seven hours before departing. Onek says everyone associated with the show was very courteous and pleasant to deal with, taking breaks to chat with as many as 300 people who saw them move in. The experience was a bit surreal, with several TV trucks at ground level and a helicopter taking aerial videos for the episode.

Onek says the experience was great for Lebo -- show personnel spent some time getting additional contact information while in town -- but it also helped her heal after losing her parents a few years ago.

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