Meth case co-defendants have separate hearings Wednesday afternoon

All three co-defendants in an alleged meth distribution case that came to light this summer will have hearings in Lyon County District Court on Wednesday.

Wes Gohring has two hearings scheduled, a pretrial hearing and a motion to combine the two current cases against him. Gohring, of 1101 Union, faces 20 counts combined including seven of manufacturing a controlled substance and two of meth distribution. Potential trial dates are Jan. 6, 23 or 27. His hearings begin at 2 pm.

Michelle Hernandez-Correa, also of 1101 Union, has her final pretrial at 3:30 pm. She faces 11 counts, including two of meth distribution. She could have trial begin Monday or Dec. 16.

Dave Wasylk, who has a pretrial hearing at 2 pm, faces 10 aiding and abetting charges. He could face trial Feb. 24 or 26 or possibly March 3.

Gohring, Hernandez-Correa and Wasylk were arrested after warrants were served at 1101 Union and 2223 Road "H-5" in August.

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