Audio - Monday - 11/18/13

{wbty_audio audio_id="935" audio_title="Becky Smith from the Town Crier Book Store previews a special book event"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="936" audio_title="USD 253 Communications Director Nancy Horst promotes American Education Week from Nov. 18-23."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="946" audio_title="Monday Morning Quarterback - 11/18/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="952" audio_title="Emporia State women vs Tabor 1st half 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="953" audio_title="Emporia State Women vs Tabor 2nd half 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="954" audio_title="Emporia State men vs Bethel 1st half 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="955" audio_title="Emporia State men vs Bethel part of 2nd half 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="956" audio_title="Hornet Talk - Part 1 - Matt Walter 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="957" audio_title="Hornet Talk Part 2 Bryan Nardo 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="958" audio_title="Hornet Talk - Part 3 Mike LoPorto 11-18-13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="959" audio_title="Hornet Talk - Part 4 - Matt Walter 11-18-13"}