Fall 2013 Trivia

The Fall Hometown Trivia questions theme will be centered on Emporia State University celebrating 150 Years.

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Question 8: On the Emporia State University Campus name the oldest standing building and the newest building.

Answer: The oldest building standing building is Plumb Hall, 1916. The newest building is the Sauder Alumni Center, 1991.



Question 7: Emporia State University maintains seven Natural Areas and three Science Museums. Name at least one Natural Area or Science Museum.

Natural Areas
Campus Woods
Charles Coughlen Natural Area
Dunlap Bottoms
F.B. and Rena G. Ross Natural History Reservation
Hamilton Fossil Quarry
Neva Marsh
Reading Woods Natural Area
Sarah Howe Natural Area (Howe Woods)
Science Museums
Johnston Geology Museum
Peterson Planetarium
Schmidt Museum of Natural History

The information in this question and answer comes from the ESU Handbook, which can be found online.


Question 6: Debate activities have been a part of Emporia State University since 1874. Over the years the George RR Pflaum Debate Society has established its place as one of the best intercollegiate debate programs. Last spring the *"ESU debate team became the first ever unified national champion of inter-collegiate debate by winning both the Cross Examination Debate Association National Championship and the
National Debate Tournament Championship."

True or False, ESU is the only school to ever attain this accomplishment.

Answer: True. Debate trophies and awards are on display in King Hall,2nd floor.

*From the ESU handbook.


Question 5: In 1936, the Works Progress Administration (renamed in 1939 to Work Projects Administration; WPA) put many local people to work building a new home for Kansas State Teachers College (ESU) School Athletics. Today's Hornets still battle valiantly on this gridiron, Jones Field. What is the name of the stadium where Jones Field is located?

Answer: Welch Stadium; the first game played was on Armistice Day 1937.


Question 4: Journalism has long been an Emporia tradition. The students of the Kansas Normal School (ESU) were quick to establish their own literary voices in town with the founding of a school newspaper in 1906. What is the name the campus newspaper?

Answer: The Bulletin


Question 3: Over the years many championships and trophies have been won by ESU athletes and debaters. Recently, 2010, the ESU Lady Hornets basketball team won the NCAA Division II National Championship.

True or False: Women's basketball began the same year as men's basketball on the Kansas State Normal (ESU) school campus.

Answer: True, both men and women's basketball was introduced in 1900, on the Kansas State Normal (ESU) school campus.  The Kansas board of regents believed women could enjoy the game as much as men and girls were the majority of the Kansas State Normal (ESU) student body.

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Question 2: ESU Homecoming is here. Each year a number of Homecoming traditions are continued. One of these anticipated traditions is the Homecoming Football game. However, in 1893 the board of regents banned football, forever, due to brutality, but it did not vanish.
What was the name of the Trophy Cup that was contended for by the Kansas State Normal School (ESU) and the College of Emporia football teams?

Answer: The Mit-Way Cup, donated by O. M. Wilhite owner of the Mit-Way hotel and a generous supporter of athletics was introduced in the interim football season of 1900 and 1901.


Question 1: ESU Homecoming is approaching. Each year a number of Homecoming traditions are continued. One of these anticipated traditions is the Homecoming Musical. In 1974 the first Homecoming Musical was produced.
What was the name of that musical?

Answer: Camelot. Prior to 1974 an extravagant variety show called Curli-Q. It was first produced in 1947 and featured the talents of faculty members as well as students.
The Homecoming Musical this year is All Shook Up.