The Equal Employment Opportunity Policy that would be followed at

radio stations KVOE(AM & FM) and KFFX(FM), Emporia, Kansas would be

that of the FCC’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program.

            To more completely indicate what Emporia’s Radio Stations, Inc.’s EOE

Policy would be, it would include the following:

  1. General Policy

It would be our policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin or sex in all personnel actions including recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination.

            It would also be our policy to promote the realization of equal employment opportunity through a positive, continuing program of specific practices designed to ensure the full realization of equal employment opportunity with out regard to race, color, religion, national origin or sex.

            To make this policy effective, and to ensure conformance with the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, our Equal Employment Opportunity Program would include the following elements:

  1. Responsible for Implementation

Lee Schroeder, the General Manager of the radio stations KVOE(AM & FM) and KFFX (FM), will be responsible for the administration and implementation of our Equal Employment Opportunity Program. It would also be the responsibility of all persons making employment decisions with respect to recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination of employees to ensure that our policy and program is adhered to and that no person is discriminated against in employment because of race, color, religion, national origin or sex.

  1. Policy Dissemination

To assure that all members of the staff are aware of our equal employment opportunity policy and their individual responsibilities in carrying out this policy the following communication efforts will be made:

The station’s employment application form will contain a notice informing prospective employees that discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin or sex is prohibited and that they may notify the appropriate local, state or federal agency if they believe they have been the victim of discrimination.

Appropriate notices will be posted informing applicants and employees that the station is an Equal Opportunity Employer and of their right to notify an appropriate local, state or federal agency if they believe they have been the victim of discrimination.

We would seek the cooperation in relation to minorities and women, and to foster their full consideration in filling job vacancies, we would utilize the following recruitment procedures:

We will attempt to maintain systematic communication, both orally and in writing, with minority and women organizations to encourage the referral of qualified minority and female applicants. This will include local chapters for a) National Organization of Women, and b) NAACP.

In addition to organizations, which specialize in minority and women candidates, we would also deal with employment services, including state employment agencies, which refer job candidates without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin or sex. Examples of such agencies are: a) Kansas State Employment Service, and b) Local Offices of National Placement Services.

When we recruit prospective employees from educational institutions such recruitment efforts would include area schools and colleges with significant minority and female enrollments. These include: a) Emporia State University, b) Kansas State University, c) University of Kansas, and d) Flint Hills Technical College.

When utilizing media for recruitment purposes, help-wanted advertisements would always include a notice that we are an Equal Opportunity Employer and contain no indications, either explicit or implied, or a preference for one sex over another.

When we place employment advertisements in printed media, some of such advertisements would be placed in media which have significant circulation or are of particular interest of minorities and women. These include: a) Broadcasting Magazine, b) NAB Publications, and c) Emporia Gazette.

We would also encourage present employees, particularly minority and female employees, to refer minority and female candidates for existing and future job openings.

  1. Training

Station resources and/or needs are such that we do not choose to institute specific programs for upgrading the skills of employees. However, we would provide certain instances of on-the-job training to upgrade the skills of employees as follows: sales training, new materials and tools for sales people. We would also, where possible, provide intern training for students with a broadcast interest.


2018 - Annual EEO Public File Report

The purpose of this EEO Public File Report ( Annual EEO Report ) is to comply with Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the FCC s Equal Employment Rules. This Annual EEO Report summarizes the relevant hiring and EEO outreach conducted by the following stations, which collectively form a single Station Employment Unit for purposes of the EEO Rules:

                                     Call Sign                    Community                  FIN 

KVOE AM                  Emporia, KS             69777

KVOE FM                   Emporia, KS                          37128

KFFX-FM                    Emporia, KS              69778

The information contained in this Annual EEO Report covers the time period from February 1, 2017 to, and including, January 31, 2018

This Annual EEO Report contains the following information:

1.         A list of all full-time vacancies filled by the Station(s) during the Applicable Period.

2.         For each such vacancy, the recruitment source(s) utilized to fill the vacancy, including

any such sources that have asked to receive information from the station(s) about any

new job openings, which are separately identified;

3.         The recruitment source that referred the Hiree for each full-time vacancy filled during the Applicable Period.

4.         Data reflecting the total number of persons interviewed for all full-time vacancies during

he Applicable Period and the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment

source utilized in connection with such vacancies; and

5.         A list and brief description of the community outreach activities, not directly related to the

opening of job positions, undertaken by the station(s) during the Applicable Period.

The following sections provide the required information, and summarize the station(s) EEO

efforts during the Applicable Period. This Annual Report was placed in each station s public

inspection file on February 1, 2018 and posted on the stations website, in accordance with the

FCC s EEO Rules.

Appendices 1, 2, and 3, which follow have been designed, in the aggregate, to provide the required information. Please note that the numbers listed on Appendix 2 under the column entitled “Source that refereed Hiree” refer to the number of the full-time job positions listed on Appendix 1.

For purposes of the Report, a vacancy was deemed “filled” not when the offer was extended, but when the hiree accepted the job offer. A person was deemed “interviewed” whether he or she was interviewed in person over the telephone or by e-mail.

Appendix 1 to

Annual EEO Public File Report Form

Covering Period from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018


Stations Comprising Station Employment Unit: KVOE AM/FM, KFFX-FM

Section 1:  Vacancy Information

Full-time Positions Filled by Job Title

Recruitment Source

of Hiree

Total Number of

Interviewees from all

Sources for this Position.

News Anchor



News Anchor











Total number of persons interviewed during applicable period:





Appendix 2 to


Annual EEO Public File Report


Covering Period from

February 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016

Stations comprising Station Employment Unit:  KVOE AM/FM, KFFX FM

Section 2: FIVE (5) full-time Vacancies for the covered period

Recruitment Source

# of Interviewees

Source that

Referred Hiree


Dir. of Enrollment-Management & Placement

Job Placement Office

3301 W. 18th

Emporia, KS66801





Director of Career Services

1200 Commercial

Emporia, KS66801





Bill McCord

512 Market

Emporia, KS66801




Older Kansans Employment Program*

Sally Holliman

512 Market

Emporia, KS66801





Joe C. Deschler

700 3rd Street N., Suilte LL7

La Crosse, WI54601



Emporia Gazette

Classified Ads

517 Merchant

Emporia, KS66801




Kansas Association of Broadcaster

Job Bank Web Site




Section 2: ZERO (0) full-time Vacancies for the covered period (cont.)

Recruitment Source

# of Interviewees

Source that

Referred Hiree

Kansas Department of Human Resources*

Kansas Job Link

401 SW Topeka Blvd.

Topeka, KS66603



Ketch-Employment Services Division*

Kathy Vorse

1701 Wheeler

Emporia, KS66801




Mary Lou McClain

817 Cottonwood

Emporia, KS66801



Mexican-American Club*

PO Box 278

Emporia, KS66801



The Bulletin*


107 Memorial Union

Emporia, KS66801



Emporia’s Radio Stations, Inc.

PO Box 968

Emporia, KS66801
























Total Interviewees.



*Indicates sources that have requested notification of job openings.

Appendix 3 to

Annual EEO Public File Report Form

Covering Period from

February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018

Section 3:  Supplemental (Non-Vacancy Specific) Recruitment Activities Undertaken by KVOE AM/FM, KFFX-FM

$11.                 Announcer Sean Thornton was shadowed by Emporia Middle School 8th grader Luis Del Alba on April 13th, 2017 (on file)

$12.                 Sports Director, Greg Rahe, attended the Madison High School hosted Career Fair on April 27, 2017. (on file)

$13.                 Program Director, Scott Hayes, attended the Emporia State University Part-Time Job Fair on August 23, 2017. (on file)

$14.                 Program Director, Scott Hayes, hosted 11 Merit Badge Boy Scouts for their Merit Badge University on September 16th, 2017 (on file).

$15.                 Actively recruited local organizations to distribute any vacancy information we may have available.  This was done through thirty-second announcements rotating on all three radio stations. (Schedules and Copy in file)


Annual EEO Assessment for the period February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018

Assessing our EEO Program for the past period, we have continued to insure that all personnel involved in hiring and recruiting are aware of the FCC EEO requirements.

$11.      We consistently broadcast announcements inviting groups, organizations, and agencies that refer and place employees, to contact us if they wish to be notified when openings occur. These organizations are added to our       recruitment sources list, which is quite complete.

$12.      We will be reviewing the ERS Inc. EEO Policy Statement and make sure that

all individuals with the ability to hire, understands and complies with all

      aspects of the policy.

$13.      We continue to attend “Job Fairs” and “Career Day “ events for the

      opportunity to discuss the broadcast business and hand out applications to

      those that may have an interest in  broadcasting.

$14.      We continue our involvement in the Kansas Association of Broadcasters

      Scholarship Program monetarily, promoting the availability of the scholarship,

      and making applications available to interested individuals.

5.  We have paid internships available in cooperation with the Kansas Association

                 of Broadcasters.

$16.      Management has attended EEO Seminars to reinforce the understanding of the EEO requirements.

While we have had no full time openings, we feel confident with our attention to, and fulfillment of the EEO requirements, but will continue to explore any opportunities that avail themselves to make compliance more effective.

EEO Officer

Ron Thomas

General Manager

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